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well dealtree has branched out in screwing people, they are teamed up with best buy! dealtree is handling the trade in program for best buy, they say 7 to 14 day turn around for your payment!

it is has been 22 days and best buy and delatree are pointing the finger at the other for who is issuing the payment! you call dealtree and they tell you to call best buy!

emailed dealtree once and they replied back" its out of your hands, please contact best buy, they are paying you" you email best buy and they reply "we contacted with dealtree to make your payment", guess it is time to get a class action together! when will the screwing stop???????????

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They are not taking my payment because my credit card is issued by an international bank.

Dealtree and Best Buy must end those dishonest practices in perjury of the consumer.


I just hate this program. There is not complete info on the best buy website.

I took my laptop to nearest best buy. firstly, they rejected mine saying that I have made the purchase outside the state, when I showed the receipt, they considered my request and started looking at my laptop and then, out of nowhere they suddenly realized that they cannot do it at their store anymore, I was shocked to my core knowing this.

as they are assumed to be "GEEK SQUAD", they are actually GEEKS and understand nothing but computers, no business, no customers, so much so that they dont understand whats going on behind their ***. I am never gonna trust best buy offers ever again.


Well, I had no idea there were problems with this program, I do now.It has been over three weeks now instead of the 1 week told to me by email by Best Buy. I will be filing a complaint with the BBB and the States Attorney Generals Office here in Florida.


I just filed a complaint with the BBB about dealtree. I encourage everyone else who has had a problem with them to do the same.

Its easy and takes less than 5 minutes. If we all complain to the BBB we may be able to insight an investigation and possibly make change.

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