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On 1/18/10, I purchased a refrigerator via Dealtree. I had been actively monitoring this product throughout the week and made a special point to watch the auction to ensure that I had the winning bid. I won the refrigerator and was very pleased with my purchase.

On 1/19/10, I received an e-mail requesting further information since my billing address did not match my shipping address. I had no qualms about that as I understood Dealtree's policies and faxed in the needed information that very day. I also made a point to call Dealtree to ensure that everything was set up correctly and that I would have no problems down the line. My credit card was charged on 1/19/10 for the amount of $1,697.13. Hence, I was expecting an e-mail informing me of the shipping information.

Instead, I received this e-mail:

"-Original Message-

From: []

Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 10:55 AM

Subject: Refund has been processed

Dealtree has credited $1,697.13 to your account. The funds will be returned to the same account you used to make the payment. If this payment was made by PayPal, the funds should be there within 1 business day. If you paid by Credit Card, please allow up to 5 business days for the credit to show in your account. Invoice Number: xxxxxx. Transaction ID number is xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Dealtree Customer Support (KNS)"

I was immediately confused by this e-mail and made a call to customer service. The representative told me not to worry and that I just needed to re-purchase the product since there was a mishap with my shipping/billing information. I asked the representative to reference my invoice number to confirm that was indeed the problem. Instead, the rep discovered that my refrigerator had actually been damaged at the warehouse and that I would no longer be receiving my refrigerator. I informed the rep that the exact same product was available via the Dealtree site and asked her if I could just get that one instead. I did not think this would be an issue as it was the same make and model and the bidding auction had not yet begun. She informed me that I would have to go through the bidding process once again and there was nothing that could be done.

Previous to speaking with this representative, I had not received any sort of communication informing me of the damaged product or of any problems. I think this is very poor communication and customer service. I spent time researching and monitoring the website to ensure that I received that product. Now, the price was not guaranteed and neither was the refrigerator for which I purchased fairly. I am very disappointed with the way this was handled. To make matters worse, I already paid my credit card company for the bill incurred from the refrigerator.

After sending this information to Dealtree customer service, here is the e-mail I received back:

From: []

Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2010 5:33 PM

Subject: FW: Refund has been processed

Dear ,

Thank you for contating us. Unfortunately your item was damaged and could not be shipped. We apologize for this inconvenicne.

Thank you,


Dealtree Customer Support

Yes...copied the message exactly (with misspellings and all). I tried emailing Dealtree again, but did not receive a response. I will NEVER use Dealtree again and would recommend that others stay away from them as well. If this is an indication of the way they treat their consumers, I'd rather spend the extra money for quality customer service!

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If anyone from Bestbuy is monitoring this forum, please do something with your dealtree co. Their customer service will drag BB reputation down.....


I have the same experience with dealtree bad customer service. They screwed up with the shipment of my order, wrong label on the package.

They expected me to pay another shipping charges for the error that their shipping dept.

did and causing the package to be returned to them. AVOID THEM......

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