By far, THE WORST online pay website out there. Confusing directions and misleading links.

Clicked on a PayPal link, and instead, Dealtree processed my order...without a confirmation page to cancel. Ended up that they charged me too much, AND shipped to the wrong address. Called customer service 6 times and sent several emails, was on hold 5 out of 6 for 30 minutes and the 6th call I got hung up on when I voiced my concerns. I cannot express how frustrated I am with the inane and unhelpful service and process Dealtree just put me through.


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I won a game off of ebay user name was best_buy_outlet. But it does through dealtree.

I thought I was receiving the game but received an empty box and packaging matterial.

waiting to see on what they are going to do. My have to report them to paypal.


You're lucky you have a phone number to contact them with. I got their site cowboom which I didn't know was a front group for deal-tree and ordered 2 things, 1 of which wasn't as described, and another was a completely different product.

I have disputes with the credit card company going now. One of them has already been won and the second one is pending. Just google cowboom and dealtree and wow...

So many horror stories. I wish I would have known!


Agreed they suck. They are impossible to deal with. I think everyone who has had a problem to file with the BBB.

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