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Dealtree states that exchanges can be made within 7 days of reciept.The item they sold was not in the shape as described in the auction.

Having a number of other issues probably not stated because the item would have been near impossible to have gotten rid of. When attempting to notify them, they simply don't respond. They won't respond to emails, complaints, paypal and square trade resolution requests. They do respond to negative feedback with negative feedback lying about the situation.

If you get scammed by them the best thing to do is file suit in small claims court.

Otherwise you will just chase your tail around in circles.

Reason of review: Not as described.


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I purchased 3 items from 2ndturncloseouts, the same company that runs dealtree, from ebay.My 1st two orders where ok I did get a reasonable deal, not great, but decent.

But my 3rd purchase went so completely wrong what ever deal I had on the first two was completely wiped out. They are impossible to deal with and I have nothing but contempt for them.

They had sent me the wrong item and when they finally sent the right item it was completely not as described.I had to pay for the return shipping which they refused to reimburse me for and on top if that they refuse to refund my money back for the worthless piece of junk they sent me.


cowboom is ok with me. They have good email customer support and will do what they CAN TO PUT THEIR CUSTOMERS FIRST. tHANKYOU COWBOOM.


iwrote the two comments under these.Cowboom went to great lengths to make things right.

So I change my comments to positive.

I would buy from cowboom again and the are willing to put their customers first.Thank you cowboom!


COWBOOM is dishonest!!!


Do not but fron COWBOOM they are dishonest!!!


Is there anyway to delete comments?


Oops, wrong article lol. Sorry for any confusion. Don't mind me.


I sort of agree with the poster "who cares" I am fed up with these walking contradictions (unless they are atheists who are not spiritual at all) then they can not stand there and say I am a lunatic because just think about it, all spirituality and religion is the same.Oh yes angels and god exist but other astral entities?

Preposterous! Ugh I am not brainwashed I chose my own beliefs because I have experienced for myself things that I would have never of thought existed. And you can not take those experiences or beliefs away from me. Instead of sitting there saying it is total rubbish why don't you actually try to research about it and put yourself in those situations rather than just dismiss it because you think it's ***.

I don't expect you to believe me, just respect me!

There is no point in trying because you can't even do that.There is no point in saying anything else because you can't even respect others opinions.


I’m upset about what has been going on through off Ebay web sites.ONE seller is using the double edge mentioning Salem, sounding very much like she lives in Salem so the readers will think she’s a Salem seller.

I wonder who she’s targeting and pretending to be. Like we didn’t already know. She slights noble sellers, relicandrunes for one, and even tossed around a few Salem names as if that was evidence. Obviously she got her information off the internet and anyone with brains would know that a respectable practitioner in Salem wouldn’t acknowledge or deny knowing someone in Salem.

They might know somebody but wouldn’t tell anyone. I don’t know the accused but do know that there are posters pretending to be sellers in an attempt to shut them down and it seems to be working. You should be very proud but remember karma is real. I may lose my customers who are confused about whose writing what but I have a clear conscious and don't have to worry about the welfare of my future.

Money isn’t everything so enjoy your drama queen moments. There are many inner circles in Salem but I have to hand it to the poster. The post sounds like a disgruntled Salem seller. I do believe there are only a couple of sellers attempting to confuse readers and they aren’t who you think they are.

There was never no need for this. I think if everyone would ignore these posts and take the posts for what its worth, absolutely nothing than sellers could get back on track. Every reputable seller has their right to an opinion. They may not agree on a particular subject but that doesn’t make neither wrong.

That’s the splendid of magic and has been for centuries. I’m glad to see you took down everything but there’s still work that need to be done like acknowledging that EVERYONE has a right to present themselves with their own belief system. What’s not right is one or two sellers dipping into other seller’s styles of writing to sound like that seller to convince readers they are malicious. I don’t hide behind anyone.

Salem has many inner circles and everyone might meet once or twice a year. However, its ludicrous to think everyone knows each other personally. Perhaps you are thinking of Salem center, the tourist attraction but Salem expands the center for many miles. You might not like everything I write but I have always had the backbone and conviction to sign my own name.

Please remember I don’t play silly little games. If I have a beef with someone I contact them with my signature. That’s why I was put off by rumors and accusations in the first place. I don’t belong to ANY online groups.

Please don’t take it personally and assume I have something against you and post rumors about me on the internet. That line of logic gets you in trouble and you make assumptions that are false and insulting. I fly solo on the internet and the last time I checked that was my decision to make. I don’t twitter nor do I have a myspace, facebook, etc.

I think it’s great that the younger generation use these high technology tools but it isn’t for me. Please don’t include my name in anymore tug of wars and let me be. I don’t know any of the sellers personally and remain neutral. I don’t believe gossip and rumors regarding ANY seller and buyers should base their decisions on first hand experience with the seller and realize that the deepest magical journeys are solo.

When you are grounded you can share your knowledge with those who are interested and give them your best. I have been on the receiving end of these insults for a very long time now but with modern technology being even more modern the deceitful have taken it to a whole new level.

I’m glad I’m old schooled.Stop the commotion and start protecting Ebay’s magical community.Barbara, yes I sign my name at the END of everything I write.



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