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Figured I get rid of an unused phone (Sidekick Slide to be exact), being that I have heard about Deal Tree and its "rewards" for a Best Buy certificate, I thought to myself "Why not?". Did the whole registration thing online, they gave me an estimation of the value of the phone, even offered the option of a prepaid label to ship the item to them, which i did.

Soon to realize that I had gotten JACKED!!! They sent me an email stating the value of the phone i sent in was worth $0.00...UNBELIEVABLE!!!! So I replied and requested to have my phone shipped back to me because I didn't want to donate it to their company, which I have NEVER receieved a respose.

Two days later they (DEALTREE) sent me an invoice charging me $19.30 for shipping, handling and insurance of which i had supposively "AGREED" upon. This place is ***, DO NOT GET SUCKED INTO IT!!!!

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Stop me if you've heard this before... I sent my old Toshiba HD DVD player to Dealtree/BestBuy after the site indicated I'd get a best buy gift card in return. The day before I sent it I was watching a DVD on it just fine. So I get the email from them that the disc tray door is broken and does not open. Surprising, considering I wrapped the unit in bubble wrap and packaged the unit in a a laptop shipper w/ the Styrofoam top and bottom - and used the shipping label THEY provided.

So I get it, they don't want to pay me money. Fine then. Lesson learned, just send me back my HD DVD player and we'll part ways. No chance. They now want to charge me shipping to get the unit back - shipping that costs more than the quoted trade in value. Shipping both to and from - even though they offered prepay up front.

If they just send me back the unit then no harm done, I'd just walk away. They've stolen my HD DVD player so now I have to post this message everywhere and tell everyone just because the guy that opened my box decided he wanted to take home an HD DVD player.

Next time stick to Craigslist and local selling. Avoid Dealtree and any of their scams under different names. So I'm out an HD DVD player, but karma will catch up with Dealtree soon enough.


I'm going through exactly the same thing with Dealtree but it's with a laptop. Apparently they are scammers luring you in with bogus offers then claiming the item has no value and charging you bogus shipping charges if you call them on it.

I'm going to complain to Best Buy and take it all the way to their corporate if I have too since they are supporting this. Wish me luck!

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