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I need to warn anyone from using this service. I used Dealtree's Best Buy trade-in website to trade in 7 games all of which had been bought new at some point and cost me plenty of money (approximately $250).

Dealtree's estimate site said I would get a $129 gift card to Best Buy. I mailed these games in March, got an email that they were received in April, and the gift card was supposedly shipped in May. NO TRACKING NUMBER OR ANY TYPE OF INSURANCE ON THE PACKAGE. I waited.

Never received the package. I called and left a message to which the automatic voice said I would receive a response in 1-business day. I was never contacted. I called again but this time endured the hold time so I could actually talk to someone.

I was told that I would be contacted on whether a gift card would be issued. I was never contacted. 2-weeks later I sent an email reiterating everything and I was told the same thing: wait 5-10 days for a re-issued gift card and I will be notified. Again, I was never contacted.

2-weeks later I email again and I am told the gift card they sent was redeemed so they cannot send another gift card. So they strung me along for over a month to eventually call me a thief and a liar. SERIOUSLY? If the gift card was stolen in the mail of course it would have been redeemed.

I received no tracking number and Dealtree does not even seem to insure their packages.

It could have been stolen anywhere including by dealtree employees. I will stick with brick and mortor stores to make my trades but someone needs to be warned of this unprofessional anti-customer operation.

Monetary Loss: $250.

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