I purchased an item, cell phone, off ebay and the ad looked as if i was buying from best Buy the nationwide chain. But it was dealtree.com

In short, they mailed me a damaged item, not new as described.

Still waiting for the refund.

Guess what, to my surprise, this company IS owned by best Buy the nationwide elctronic chain.

here's the email reply when I contacted BB main office.

Good morning G,

I appreciate your concern regarding Dealtree; actually Best Buy does own this company as well and so they are affiliated with us legally.

Thank you for your email and I certainly hope that you enjoy your products!


Best Buy Consumer Relations

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I got the same problems with cell phone. It was defective.I think it's a junk.

Best Buy will ruin their reputation.

I will never consider them anymore. :(


Dealtree and best buy more like bad deals and best cry, for when you are waiting and when your package does come to your home and your feeling all happy to get your stuff,you open the package and see its either broken,the wrong thing and/or something missing for the item.

bestbuy needs to drop dealtree their making you look bad and we are getting ripped off and garage in the packages of the products we buy from bad deals tree :(

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