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I bought a digital High-Def Camcorder on U-Bid auction web site from DealTree. They sold it as used but claimed it was thoroughly tested & it came in original box with unopened software,new manual & cables.

It did not have a scratch on it, so i felt ok to buy,but when i tried to use it, it did turn on, but that was all. None of the buttons worked & it would not take any pictures at all. There is NO WAY they tested it,even a child could tell that nothing worked. So They Outright LIED !

Now i know why they accepted my low bid, It would be to costly & time consuming to send it back to DealTree & i have read up on complaints on their customer service being the worst.

So i will have to eat it on this one. If IT Dosnt Have A Manufacturers Warrenty, DONT BUY FROM DEALTREE !

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you guys are full of it. I buy from them all the time, never had any big problem. One time my item was broke when I got it and they sent me a new one and I got to keep the broken one too.


THEY DON't TEST anything -- if you are lucky they might open the box and see if the item is in there -- but that doesn't even happen sometimes -- I have received items from them that were supposed to be (for ex.) a ROUND ball.... and I received a SQUARE BLOCK....

when you contact their oh so great (NOT) customer service --- to tell them you got a SQUARE block and not a ROUND Ball.... the first question is -- do you think it was damaged in shipping or transit??.... WHAT THE ***??..... Yes..

I could ramble on and on about those monkeys in Irvine/Chino, Ca.... Dealtree's worst excuse for a customer service dept ever....

Yes Dealtree's Customer Service in Irvine/Chino California is the worst customer service in existence..... If you want to be told lies, treated like you are a bother to them, and want to believe that they actually do test the items they RESELL from Best Buy Returns -- Then more power to ya!!

They are nothing like the Best Buy model when it comes to customer service and you would think that they would have been corrected by BB corp office in Minn. now that they are a subsidiary..... Maybe right now, BB feels like DT is a stepchild and doesn't want to be bothered with them... I know if I was a BB Corp Exec...

I would have fired every single one of the cust. serv. reps in California -- But, until enough people have had of enough of the lies, the BS they tell you about the reasons why -- YOU -- are having problems with them, the product, lack of service, their HORRIBLE checkout portal, etc, etc... Those idiots in California will continue on acting unprofessional and dealing in unethical ways...

IT's a shame that they are the first connect to the company -- because the folks out at the Dealtree Warehouse in Flower Mound Texas... Do circles around the (makes me laugh everytime I call them this) customer service (yeah, service... whatever) dept for Dealtree and honestly should be the ones operating the customer service dept for the company... I agree with Blue above -- Best Buy owns these monkeys but they haven't put a cage on them yet -- so they are doing as they please, taking money in, sending unchecked, damaged (50/50 chance if the item is really what the listing says it is or even the pictures for that matter)items to you in return.....

Good Luck -- and good riddance to Dealtree!! - ME

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